3M Harvest Lunch: Eat. Share. United.
Aug 23, 2023

Times are tough for those living on the edge. Food and basic needs are increasingly unaffordable. Housing is a challenge for many, with escalating rents, shrinking availability and increased homelessness.

With so many people struggling to meet basics needs and access supports to find their footing, we must act, lift each other up, and help our neighbours in need.

Volunteerism runs deep at 3M. Working to make a difference is part of our culture and key to who we are. With a focus on involving employees, we invest in partnerships that support the environment, greater equity in STEM education and underserved families.

United Way is one of those key partnerships.

3M employees are particularly proud to be involved in the annual 3M Harvest Lunch, in our home communities served by United Way of Elgin Middlesex, Leeds and Grenville, and East Ontario.

There is no better time to reinforce the importance of human connection – including friendships, family, work relationships - in community-building and mental wellness.

United, we can tackle the thorniest problems. We can change the narrative.

3M Harvest Lunch captures the spirit of community. People are asked to purchase a meal ticket to help a neighbour in need.

Through United Way partnerships with local agencies, and the help of 3Mgives volunteers, hot and fresh meals are prepared, served and in some cases, delivered right to the homes of those in need.

For someone receiving one of the lunches, it may be the only meal they have that day.

In 2022, the 3M Harvest Lunch was a huge success, serving 4,302 meals to those in need (2,400 meals in Elgin Middlesex, 1,402 meals in Leeds and Grenville and 500 meals in East Ontario). This year, we’ve set our sights even higher to help eliminate hunger in our communities:

  • United Way Elgin Middlesex goal: 2,600 meals
  • United Way Leeds & Grenville goal: 1,500 meals
  • United Way East Ontario: 500 meals

Together, we can create stronger, more resilient communities.

This year, we’re calling on everyone in the community to Unite to help reduce and prevent poverty across the region– this is real action that gives everyone in our community a fair shot at their best life.

“I’m inspired by the way the community comes together around the 3M Harvest Lunch every year – uniting with a single purpose: to help and lift each other up. When we work with each other and for each other, we create better outcomes for everyone,” says Penny Wise, President, 3M Canada.

As we begin the 2023 United Way campaign in our communities, this is our chance to show our local love.

Every donation, each hour of volunteering, and every act of kindness makes a difference in the communities where we work and play. United Way supports essential local programs and services in our communities that provide the essentials to help end the cycle of poverty: stable housing, education, employment, health, and family services.

“We have a real opportunity to look outward, move forward, it’s my hope that as we reconnect in our communities, selflessness will emerge as the greatest agent of change.”

Buy a ticket for the 3M Harvest Lunch to provide a nutritious meal to a person in need in: London and Elgin Middlesex countiesLeeds and Grenville, or East Ontario

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