25 Women in Science 2023 Basis of the initiative
Jan 5, 2024


3M is a global science, technology and manufacturing company present in the most diverse markets. The company believes in the importance of promoting and introducing people to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, especially those in underrepresented groups, to help further their knowledge and potentially transformative experiences. (https://news.3m.com/3M-sets-new-STEM-goal-to-empower-underrepresented-individuals)

In 2020, 3M launched its 25 Women in Science initiative, which aims to give visibility to- and promote- women who dedicate their lives to STEM. This year will mark the fourth year of the initiative.

This year, the focus of the initiative will be on Environmental Sustainability. Applicants and submitted projects must solve and improve specific aspects of Environmental Sustainability within the Latin American region and Canada.

Environmental sustainability refers to the ability to maintain the balance and health of ecosystems and natural resources in the long term, so that present and future generations can meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.

In this aspect, circularity projects, carbon footprint reduction, water management, energy, land use, climate change and ecosystem protection, among others, will be considered.

Basis of the initiative

25 Women in Science is a recognition that invites women scientists with careers and projects that adopt the STEM philosophy in Latin America and Canada with projects related to Environmental Sustainability.

According to the results of the State of Science Index (SOSI)*, a global survey by 3M that presents the population's perception on STEM, women tend to lag behind in educational development in these areas. The objective of the 25 Women in Science initiative is to give visibility and amplification to the most inspiring stories and projects for the new generations of women in STEM.

The applicants and projects that will qualify for the list are those that, by their characteristics, solve and improve concrete aspects of Environmental Sustainability within the Latin American region and Canada directly or indirectly.

Conditions or Requirements to Participate:

  1. The applicant must (i) identify as a cis or non-binary woman; (ii) be of legal age; (iii) born and educated and/or residing in a Latin American country or in Canada.
  2. Have authored or participated in leading at least one project with at least one prototype/pilot test of the scientific innovation idea based on the STEM philosophy. It is essential to have documentation that validates the intellectual property and/or institutional faith of participation in the project with which you are applying.
  3. To be considered for this listing, your careers and/or projects must fall into the Environmental Sustainability category.
  • The organization of this program reserves the right not to consider applications that go against the basic parameters of the social ecosystem, those based on paralegal or illegal or disreputable elements, as well as those that may be considered to involve legal risks.
  • The members of the jury will be chosen by the 3M team of the participating countries considering relevant people in the scientific environment of their country.

General Evaluation Parameters:

The amplification and influence potential of each project and candidacy will be evaluated according to the criteria of potential social impact, innovation, feasibility, career/training of the candidate as well as the maturity/applicability of the idea.

The following parameters will be considered by the evaluators and members of the jury for the evaluation of the candidatures, without this list constituting a numerus clauses.

  1. Potential direct or indirect social impact in Latin America and Canada: the social impact of the project will be evaluated, both in terms of scope (number of people or group/s impacted) and depth (solution or assistance to a problem of a greater or lesser level).
  2. Innovation of the project: the novelty and disruption of the project and the arguments that demonstrate its value for it to become a reality.
  3. Project feasibility: it will be evaluated from a technical, economic and organizational perspective.
  4. Maturity of the idea demonstrated in the results of initial tests/pilots. The prototype is an important element to take into consideration, despite the difficulty of its assessment, so it should be presented by analyzing its performance, scalability, and results.
  5. Ability and experience of the candidate to develop the project presented. The candidate's potential is another of the determining parameters. The organization understands that the sustainability and success of the project also rests on the potential of the candidate, her team or teams and their involvement.
  • No information will be provided on the individual assessment of the projects submitted.


  • Trophy and recognition by 3M.
  • Visibility of the project in conventional media (written press) and online (media, web, social networks, blogs) including 3M social networks, among others. 
  • Presentation of the project in the publication of the "25 Women in Science 2024" e-book, including an original illustration developed for each scientist and her project.

Application Process

All applications will be made online following the process below.

Phase 1: Applications / Website

Dates: January 8th to February 27th 2024

In this phase of the process, consideration will be given to cases that meet the criteria set forth in the program's guidelines, with special attention to the project's ability to capture attention through its relevance and/or originality. For this purpose, the following will be requested:

  • Project in a Tweet: Explain the project in 140 to 280 characters.
  • General/demographic data of the participant.
  • Category or categories in which the project participates.
  • Institutional/academic accreditation document.

Phase 2: Shortlist / Evaluation

The first 150 applications that meet the minimum requirements described in the first phase will pass to a first filter in which 3M's internal R&D team will select the 50 finalist cases following the established evaluation criteria. It is important to mention that to maintain regional representation, a limit will be placed on the number of applications for any country that potentially generates an over-representation in this first selection.

Each of these 150 cases will be required to fill out a form/test that will ask for more information about their project background, their views and activities related to their role in science outreach, involvement in science education (STEM), diversity and inclusion projects in science as well as scientific and social justifications for the project they are applying for.

In addition, documents will be requested including but not limited to: Curriculum Vitae, letters of recommendation, papers/presentations of your nominated project, images/videos of your nominated project as well as information and details around STEM and your personal context linked to your career.

Phase 3: Final Selection

Dates:  February 27 to March 30 2024

The 50 selected cases will be assigned to a panel of notable scientists from the region to be evaluated according to the selection criteria already established through a remote interview on the dates indicated by 3M - with no possibility of extension or change. Using the evaluation of the interview and the candidate's complete dossier, 25 of these 50 cases will be selected and published in the 25 Women in Science list.

* Participation is free of charge. All employees and service providers of 3M or entities related to 3M, as well as their relatives up to the second degree and employees of those companies that have been involved in the development and/or mechanics of this competition are excluded from participation.

* Semi-finalist and finalist projects from previous calls will be excluded from the current call.

Image Use Authorization

All participants accept these rules and establish their express and free authorization in favour of 3M so that the latter may use their name, image and/or photograph in any media -including digital- in the manner that best suits the interests of the participants and 3M, in all countries participating in this call for applications, from the moment they apply. And it is done by stating (or waiving) the payment of any amount, fee, royalty, or gratuity and with indefinite duration, but always for lawful purposes.

Personal Data

Your personal data collected during your registration will be used by 3M and its partners for this event to enable this initiative and will be processed in accordance with applicable privacy laws. If you do not agree to the processing of your personal data for this purpose, please do not submit your registration. For more information on how 3M processes your personal data, please visit our Global Privacy Policy.


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