First batch of Canadian-made 3M N95 respirators: manufactured and delivered.
Dec 22, 2021
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President, 3M Canada

Since the early days of the pandemic, we have witnessed first-hand the power of science and humanity working together to combat COVID-19.

During the last year, 3M's priority has been to help the world respond to COVID-19 at a time when the global pandemic has created unprecedented demand for critical products. We are focused on making more respirators than ever before; working with the government and other stakeholders to deliver on commitments to public health; supporting the communities where we work and live; and providing a variety of products to help businesses return to work as economies reopen. Our commitment is to do everything we can to help keep people safe.

Production of 3M N95 respirators commences in our Brockville, Ontario manufacturing facility.

As of April 1, 2021, I am proud to announce the first Canadian-made 3M N95 respirators have shipped from our newly-expanded Brockville Ontario, facility. These respirators are on their way to Canadians in healthcare, frontline, and other key industries. The expansion will ensure a consistent supply of respirators make it into the hands of those Canadians who need them the most, helping to keep them safe both now and well into the future.

This domestic manufacturing of N95s was made possible through a collaboration with the Canadian and Ontario governments. As the pandemic continues, our goal at 3M Canada is to increase the supply of N95 respirators to Canadians and ensure that our country is prepared to distribute critical personal protective equipment (PPE) for many years to come.

By the end of 2020, 3M produced 2 billion respirators globally, tripling our production since 2019. The expansion in Brockville, Ontario is another step towards our objective of continuing to increase respirator production to 2.5 billion globally in 2021.

Helping the world respond to COVID-19.

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Expanding Brockville, Ontario manufacturing site to create more 3M N95 respirators.

Construction on the expansion in Brockville began in September 2020 as we swiftly put into motion our plans to increase supply by manufacturing more respirators right here in Canada. We are grateful to the construction crews, the Canadian and Ontario governments, and 3M employees who worked together tirelessly to bring this plan to life. Their work has a direct impact on helping protect Canadians during this pandemic and beyond, while keeping our economy going through infrastructure roles.

NIOSH-approved N95 respirators are among the most critical PPE frontline workers use to help safeguard themselves from COVID-19. By securing domestically-manufactured products, Canada increases its self-sufficiency and reduces the risk of supply chain interruptions, which have been prevalent during the global pandemic. Ensuring adequate supply of PPE is critical to protecting the lives of Canadians and reducing the pandemic’s impact on the economy.

We are thrilled to be part of the solution that will help Canada access a consistent supply of this critical (PPE) for the foreseeable future. We will continue working with the government and health agencies to get them into the hands of those who need them the most.

Supporting our community.

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“What motivated me throughout this project is that we're able to help the nurses, the doctors, the people in the hospitals, and keep them safe.” - Emily Pringle, Operator at Brockville, Ontario, 3M Canada.

Playing a role in helping businesses return to work as the economy bounces back.

As we start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, we are honoured to be part of the plan to help Canadian businesses return to work as our economy begins to recover. Since the start of the pandemic, we have supplied PPE to our heroic nurses, health care workers, and first responders. We will continue to do so, and our Brockville facility will help us to play a critical role as we look to safely reopen the economy by providing crucial respirators to protect Canadians in other key industries, including our industrial and oral care customers.

Throughout the pandemic, our highest priority has been the safety of our employees and the public, healthcare workers and first responders fighting COVID-19. We have also launched a global effort to combat fraud and price gouging to help protect the public against those who engage in counterfeit activities revolving around critical 3M products.

The respirators coming off the line at Brockville are a testament to what we can achieve when we work together. As a global organization, we applied learnings from sites across the world to expand the manufacturing capabilities at Brockville. Our team worked around the clock on a tight schedule to help support the demand for respirators.

"It was great that 3M was able to bring global reach together for this and bring on global resources here." - Kevin Pilling, Brockville HR Manager and Local Project Manager, 3M Canada.

The collaboration and commitment to building a high-quality respirator that will help keep Canadians safe is an inspiring feat. I am proud and thankful to all my colleagues who made this important project a reality.

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