Tackling the N95 respirator demand challenge: a Canadian solution.
Aug 21, 2020
Healthcare worker wearing N95 respirator.
President, 3M Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled many of us to pivot our strengths to fields that require our immediate attention.

At 3M, we know the critical role we play in restricting the spread of the pandemic. Our science and technologies provide a wide range of solutions. These include N95 respirators that defend those who safeguard Canadians' health and safety from airborne particles, and purifiers that are aiding in the race to discover a vaccine.

Our highest priority is to keep our employees and the public, including healthcare workers and first responders, safe. Now, we are taking another step. A step towards protecting our heroic healthcare workers, first responders, and those in essential infrastructure and industry roles who strive to ensure every Canadian's health and safety. 

Since January, we have doubled our global output of N95 and other respirators to more than one billion per year, and we are on track to deliver two billion respirators by the end of 2020.  However, we were aware of the need to increase the availability of N95 respirators here in Canada.

I am proud to announce that 3M Canada will begin manufacturing N95 respirators in Brockville, Ontario. This will help ensure Canada’s self-sufficiency for years to come. 

Helping the world respond to COVID-19.

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Expanding the Brockville manufacturing plant to commence N95 respirator production.

In collaboration with the Canadian and Ontario governments, we have built a roadmap to expand our manufacturing facility in Brockville, with construction beginning later this month.

Brockville, Ontario manufacturing plant

When the expansion will be fully operational by 2021, we will continue working with the government and health agencies to get the N95 respirators into the hands of those who need them most - healthcare workers, first responders, and those in critical infrastructure roles.

The expansion will help to ensure a consistent domestic supply of this critical personal protective equipment (PPE) for the foreseeable future and will strengthen the North American region’s PPE supply chain for both the U.S. and Canada.

A Canadian solution for a global challenge.

We are proud to provide a made-in-Canada solution that prioritizes the needs of frontline healthcare workers and industries supporting health and safety.

Running the course of the pandemic can feel like a marathon. However, it fills me with hope to see how much we can achieve working together. From community donations to those in need to curbing price gouging, we have made considerable progress in Canada against COVID-19.

I want to thank the Canadian and Ontario governments for their close collaboration on this effort, and every 3M colleague for working towards the common goal we share: the goal of helping to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every Canadian.

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